Webinar: From Anarchy to Usability & Sustainability

We are happy to present you with the full cut of our first (but not last!) successful webinar of 2020 featuring seasoned IT architect Peter Milne about modern software architecture.

For those that missed out on the rewarding webinar featuring IT architect Peter Milne on March 25th, you are now able to watch the full edit via the youtube link above. We hope you will enjoy.

About the webinar

From Anarchy to Usability & Sustainability - The challenges of moving user-facing applications from startup mode to enterprise mode.

In this recorded webinar, IT architect Peter Milne takes us through the challenges of moving user-facing applications from startup mode to enterprise mode. He covers new application development environments and development patterns for user-facing applications and how they have changed.

Using a recent example from his current company Adform, he explains how they went about the problem of having 140 different applications that use every JS framework, 1000+ API endpoints, multiple JavaScript dialects, with an unproductive UX or UI components.

Among other things, Peter shares:

  • The architecture that is necessary to facilitate the migration of disparate applications to a large scale Single Page web application and the environment that supports it.
  • The challenges of introducing new technologies, like React, GraphQL and Node.js, to an entrenched development organization with strong opinions!
  • The use-cases and advantages of some of the latest technologies, such as React, GraphQL, node.js, Kubernetes, Helm, and Docker.

Lastly, he shares some of the hard-earned wisdom that he has gained in a career spanning four decades by giving us some advice on managing and cultivating the human factor in development organizations.

Peter Milne

Peter Milne is a seasoned IT professional with more than forty years of experience in IT, and an exciting career, which has taken him from Australia to Silicon Valley to Copenhagen, to name a few places. Currently, he works at global digital advertising company Adform, where he serves as Head of Technology Architecture.