#17190 | 2020-07-23 Remote or multiple places in Netherlands

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We are calling out to ALL specialists within IT, whether you work deep within technologies, with test, support, administration/processes, project management or analysis etc.

We are located in The Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Denmark and we deliver to Clients in all sectors, both large, middle sized and smaller ones as well

Leading IT consultancy in Northern Europe
ProData Consult is one of the largest independent consultancies for IT consultants in Northern Europe. The company is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark and has branches in the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Poland. We currently have 290 active clients and 1600 consultants on contract.

An extensive international network
Because of an extensive international network of client companies as well as several national framework agreements, we can offer our affiliated consultants a wide variety of rewarding freelance IT assignments within the areas of project management and software development.

We take care of you
Other than providing consultants with many rewarding freelance opportunities, we also take care of our consultants. We strive to achieve the best match between client and consultant.
All consultant CVs are, therefore, developed in close cooperation with our sourcing specialists. Your unique skill set, and competences are mapped and put in our CV database, which enables us to instantly find you when the right job matching your skills becomes available.

Payment is another area where we provide value to our consultants. As we deal directly with the end-client, we can provide payment on time every 30 days, regardless of industry standards.

Lastly, we continually invest in new tools for our consultants to make their career easier. As an example, all consultants can download our free app, making it easy to stay ahead and apply for new jobs the moment they become available. In addition, consultants on contract can manage contracts and register their consulting hours directly in the app, and much more.

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Werklocatie: Remote or multiple places in Netherlands
Vereisten: Passionate about your job
Type opdracht: Freelance

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